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City, residents concerned about noise levels at Cyc Fitness

MPD: 53 noise complaints received since January

MADISON, Wis. - City officials and residents of an apartment complex near the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus are concerned about the noise coming from a fitness center that they say is not being addressed, according to a city memo.

The city attorney's office filed a notice Tuesday saying it plans to file a public nuisance complaint against Cyc Fitness at 773 University Ave. after receiving numerous complaints about the loud music coming from the facility.

According to the memo, Madison police have responded to 53 noise complaints against the fitness center since January and cited the facility 11 times since March.

None of the citations have been paid and no one has appeared in municipal court on the center's behalf, according to the memo. Police said management has been "flippant" toward their concerns.

Some of the complaints come from residents of the Lucky Apartments at 777 University Ave., which occupy the space above Cyc.

Officials with Steve Brown Apartments, which manages the Lucky Apartments, confirmed residents have contacted them about the noise levels.

The memo shows Steve Brown has given residents nearly $20,000 in rent rebates and adjustments.

University of Wisconsin-Madison sophomore Emma Burnett has been attending classes at Cyc since last year and describes the atmosphere as similar to a rave.

"I love it. I don't think it would be the same without the loud music," she said.
But Burnett said she understands the residents' complaints.

"I would assume it's because of the early-morning classes, and I get that. That would annoy me too, waking up at 7:30 to the music," she said.

Cyc Madison studio director Jenny Demain issued a statement to News 3.

"We are taking the noise complaints very seriously. In addition to lowering and continuing to monitor the volume during the classes at our studio, we have a plan in motion to make additional, and more substantial, modifications that will ensure our volume levels no longer disrupt the surrounding community."

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