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Business expansion means more jobs in Janesville

United Alloy plans to add 112,000 square feet, 40 jobs

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Business expansion means more jobs in Janesville

Rock County's economy continues to make gains as United Alloy, a Janesville manufacturer, plans a major expansion that will add jobs to the community.

Rick Sime is one of about 100 employees producing diesel fuel tanks and other products at United Alloy in Janesville.

The company plans to add 112,000 more square feet to its manufacturing facility.

"It means more business, more work, more opportunities," Sime said.

The expansion will more than double production work space and add additional paint lines.

"We're growing so quickly because of our dedicated employees working here, and those we hope to attract to United Alloy going forward," said Stephan Achs, vice president of sales and marketing for United Alloy.

Achs said they will be hiring BSME welding engineers, skilled welders, material handlers, assemblers and painters.

Forward Janesville officials said the company was being courted by other states and the expansion was made possible through an agreement the city that includes plans for 40 new jobs.

"In exchange for the building expansion, as well as hiring the new workers, the city of Janesville will provide them with a forgivable TIFF loan in the amount of $887,460 that will be forgiven on a 10-year basis," said Al Hulick, economic development coordinator with the city of Janesville.

The company will also receive 7 acres of land for its fourth expansion in Janesville since 1999.

Hulick said the investment will help increase the city's tax base by about $4 million.

After six years with the company, Sime is excited about the expansion and what it could do for home values in the area.

"Our economy took a hit and houses dropped a little bit, but you'd like to have the value of your house go back up," Sime said.

United Alloy is scheduled to break ground just before Christmas and have the expansion completed next summer. They are the third company in Rock County starting a major expansion. Seneca Foods is expanding its facility by 80,000 square feet and GOEX is expanding their facility by 160,000 square feet.

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