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Boscobel residents still fighting water damage

200 volunteers have registered to help clean up

BOSCOBEL, Wis. - Nearly three weeks after flooding devastated 600 homes in Boscobel and even more in the surrounding area, residents are still battling with the water damage left behind.

Glendon Staskal has lived in his home 10 miles outside of Boscobel in the township of Hickory Grove for as long as he's been alive – 91 years this Wednesday. He was born in the two-story farmhouse and raised two sons within its walls. Staskal hasn't kept track of the house's age in years but instead dates it by generations, and he said at least three have called it home.

After living in his home for nearly a century, Staskal said he had never seen flooding close to what Boscobel saw this June.

"A few years ago we did have water in the basement, but nothing like this," Staskal said. "We've lost our hot water heater and our drinking water, so we've been out of that for two weeks now."

Heavy rains flooded Staskal's basement several weeks ago, but the water just recently receded enough for him to address the damage left behind.


"It's a mess," he said of his basement. "The furnace is gone, and the old stove was underwater, so that has to be replaced."

Staskal didn't have to clean up the mess alone; about 10 volunteers with the Boscobel Fire Department visited him Sunday to help clean out several inches of mud and water from the basement. Some of the volunteers traveled more than 45 minutes from neighboring communities to offer their services to Staskal.

Those workers aren't alone, as nearly 200 volunteers have registered in Boscobel over the last several weeks to help area residents clean up water damage, according to officials. They estimate volunteer efforts will continue for several more weeks, possibly months, before Boscobel homes affected by the flooding can return to normal.

Staskal is one resident grateful for the help volunteers have offered free of charge. With his birthday just a few days away, Staskal said he's thankful for the early gift volunteers gave him in the form of a clean basement.

"I appreciate everything they've done," Staskal said. "They worked hard."

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