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Bill would create pro-life license plates

Choose Life license plate would have image of baby's footprint

MADISON, Wis. - At the State Capitol a Republican lawmaker is pushing a bill that would create pro-life license plates.

The bill would make license plates that read Choose Life with an image of a baby's footprint available to Wisconsin residents.

A hearing for Republican Rep. Andre Jacque's bill was held Tuesday at the Capitol.

Funds from the license plate would go to Choose Life Wisconsin, a new group that has applied for nonprofit status. The organization is headed by the leaders of two other pro-life advocacy groups.

Some speakers at the hearing expressed concern that the crossover of leadership could become a scandal like the recent grant that was recently awarded and then rescinded to United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, whose nonprofit status was in question.

"Sweetheart funneling of funds to an unaccountable, brand-new, non-charitable organization funded by people with a history of political only interests," said Nora Cusack, treasurer of Women's Medical Fund Inc., about Choose Life Wisconsin.

"All we're simply doing is taking advantage of that opportunity the way so many organizations have, and I don't think there's any kind of unnatural or inappropriate relationship with the state, it's just simply the vehicle," said Matt Sande, with Pro-Life Wisconsin.

The group said their nonprofit status is pending and that the license plate would be popular.

"I'm really saddened that you'd try to make an attack on organizations that do provide free services to women, that are volunteer-driven, that are in every corner of the state," said Jacque.

Others said the plate would put a divisive political issue on a state-issues license plate.

"I'm mystified that that's something we want to do. We've seen enough division in the state already," said Rep. Chris Danou, D-Trempealeau. "To put something that's this divisive onto a state-issued plate, quite frankly, is in bad taste."

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