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Basketball player sings national anthem when recording fails

Basketball player sings national anthem when recording fails

ELKHORN, Wis. - When a recording of the national anthem failed Tuesday night at a high school basketball game in Elkhorn, a Clinton High School basketball player offered to sing it.

"So we just kind of hear 'chick..chick' and I hear my coaches and my teammates behind me there like 'Kallie, go sing,'" Kallie Kuhlow said.

Clinton head coach Mike Powers said in a post on the district's Facebook page that when the recording failed for the third time, Kuhlow ran over to the scorer's table and said, "Excuse me sir, but I would be willing to sing the national anthem for you."

"It was kind of an adrenaline rush because everyone was like, 'Psst, Kallie go do it.' So, I didn't have time to think. I got the mic from him and I was praying that I remembered the words in the middle of the song, which I did thankfully," Kuhlow said.

"There's always the butterflies that the players have and then you have that awkwardness of the recording is not working. But then when she ran over and sang, everything settled down and we had this great moment to share among two teams that are going to compete each other," Powers said

A picture of her singing on the team's Facebook page instantly gained attention with likes and comments. Win or lose her jump shot performance scored points with both teams.

"As a coach it's so cool for me to see with all the garbage that goes on in sports these days and everything that has been going on in the world lately, something like this just totally resonates with people," Powers said.

The announcer told the coach after the game that Kuhlow sang the "most beautiful and heartfelt rendition of the national anthem" he had ever heard.

"I'm a small town girl and I don't get a lot of attention usually and when Facebook exploded and had all the comments of just really sweet, genuine remarks towards me. It was just a new experience and it was crazy and I'm glad I got to make such a positive impact on so many people," Kuhlow said.

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