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After move-out, some students wait overnight for new apartment

Mattress, box spring recycling stickers are new this year

MADISON, Wis. - Aug. 14 can be summed up in a few words by college students and city workers in Madison, but one word they share is "chaos."

Wednesday was the day most renters had to be out of their apartments.

University of Wisconsin-Madison senior Samantha Felsinger and two of her five roommates cleared their place on West Washington Avenue before noon Wednesday.

"I feel really good about getting rid of everything," said Melissa Ponsegrau.

Along with many others, they tossed used furniture and household items to the curb. Some things will be picked up by people passing by, other things will be trashed.

Oftentimes students who move out Aug. 14 but cannot move into their new place until Aug. 15 will spend the night in their car or moving trucks if they have nowhere to go in the meantime.

City workers began work early this week clearing recycling carts around downtown.

Between 45 to 60 recycling crews will be out much of Thursday picking up what's been left curbside. However they are asking students for their help.

"We don't want people to put trash in cardboard boxes. We've encourage people to fill up their carts downtown, get them out to the curb and we'll come by and empty them," said George Dreckmann, Madison recycling coordinator.

The $10 stickers for mattresses and box springs recycling are new this year. Stickers can be purchased at any Madison Public Library, City Treasurer's Office and Streets Divisions offices.

Traffic activity is expected to rise throughout the moving days. Dreckmann advised drivers to avoid the downtown area if possible and suggested taking the bus.

After move-out some students wait overnight for new apartment

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