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70 mph speed limit bill passes Assembly committee

Bill would increase speed limit on nearly 800 miles of road in state

MADISON, Wis. - A bill to raise the speed limit to 70 miles per hours on Wisconsin interstates and four-lane freeways was passed by an Assembly committee Tuesday.

The Assembly Committee on Transportation approved the bill that would raise the speed limit on nearly 800 miles of road.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Paul Tittl, R-Manitowoc, said the proposal has bipartisan support, but Assembly leaders have not said whether it will be taken up.

"I'm pleased the Transportation Committee approved this bill," said Tittl. "This bill isn't just about getting from one place to another more quickly. According to traffic safety experts, it could even help to make our highways safer."

The bill would also require the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to prepare a report about the suitability of a 70 mph speed limit on freeways and expressways that are not interstate highways.

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