"Today is the day we need to find our boy,” said a search crew member.

About 30 people gathered at Sloopy's Alma Mater bar in La Crosse splitting into groups of three or four people. Some searched on foot, while others searched by water along the river.

Police said Shalim was last seen walking towards Copeland Park near the Powerhouse Marine on Logan Street. One of Shalim's friends says he doesn't think he would head towards the water.

"He can't swim and he is actually afraid of the water,” said Kulas.

After a day of searching on land and water, there is still no sight or word from Shalim.

"All I could think last night, every night really, how does a mother sleep, how do you reason with yourself, every phone all you jump, I just can't imagine,” said Stefanski.

Family and friends say this is just the beginning and the search will go on until Shalim comes home.

“Shalim, we love you and wherever you are, please come back,” said Shalim's uncle.

"Come back, we need you man, we are waiting, we're waiting for ya,” said Kulas.

A prayer vigil is planned at 5 p.m. at Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse on Main Street.

"We pray that it will be a day that we will be able to find Shalim and bring him home and there will be a great rejoicing at the Christ Episcopal Church tonight," said Shalim's uncle Rev. Dr. Patrick Augustine.

If you have any information about Augustine’s whereabouts, contact the La Crosse Police Department at (608) 785-5962.

Shalim Augustine missing poster