While many people may dread trudging through the snow as they celebrate New Year’s Eve, there are also those who can’t wait for it.

Hawk Sullivan bought his wife diamond earrings for Christmas to replace the first pair he got her years ago.

“She can’t lose these,” Sullivan said. “If she takes them out, they have to go into a box.”

Now on New Year’s Eve, Sullivan is hoping Mother Nature brings on the snow before midnight.

“If it snows New Year’s Eve, they’re free,” Sullivan said.

TQ Diamonds has quite the deal for customers who purchased jewelry between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. If it snows three inches on New Year’s Eve, they’ll get their money back -- but the 3 inches must fall between 6 p.m. and midnight at the Dane County Regional Airport.

“She told me it hasn’t happened in 50 years,” Sullivan said. “I mean, they’re not the reason why I bought the earrings, but it would be great if it snowed a lot tonight.”

The jeweler said it's likely more than 500 people purchased jewelry within the time frame.

With so much money on the line, News 3 went to WISC-TV meteorologist Haddie McLean and asked her what the chances are of it snowing 3 inches on New Year’s Eve.

“Snow is already spreading into the area and winter weather advisories have begun,” McLean said.

But she said the chances are not good that the TQ Diamonds’ customers will get their money back.

“Chances of snow on New Year’s Eve, of 1 inch or more, is about 9 percent -- this is using records back to 1889, so 129 years,” McLean said. “There’s less than a five percent chance.”

Only about 1.4 inches of snow fell at the airport Tuesday night.

For Sullivan, the New Year’s deal isn’t what prompted him to buy the diamond studs, but he said getting a refund would be welcome.

“Truthfully, my wife will probably just want to buy something else for her to match, because she’s like, ‘Well you know the diamonds are free now, so you can go get something else for me,’ so I’ll probably be in the same place. It’d be great,” Sullivan said.

TQ Diamonds has never had to make good on the deal, which they’ve been offering since opening in 1998.

The last time it snowed more than 3 inches on New Year’s Eve was in 1977 and 1978.