Janesville church to install 60-foot cross

Installationneeds no permits, protected under religious freedom

MADISON, Wis. - Residents of Janesville will soon be greeted by a 60-foot illuminated cross.

New Life Assembly of God Church said the cross is a $1,000 gift from parishioners to the community.

The cross does not require a municipal permit. Its installation is federally protected on religious grounds.

The Rev. Michael Jackson explained a planning process that considered the impact of placing a larger cross. "We looked at putting a 100-foot cross out there, but we have 20-plus acres of land and a 100-foot cross, I think, would have been gaudy and ostentatious," he said. "So 60 feet fits our property, our acreage well."

Jackson said the church also plans to put a garden, walkway and benches around the cross. The cross is being built in Alabama, and is scheduled for installation April 29.

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