A ghost ship possibly filled with disease-ridden rats is adrift in the Atlantic Ocean and may be heading for landfall on the coast of Britain.

The Independent reports that the Lyubov Orlova is an abandoned ocean liner that was being towed to the Dominican Republic for salvage in Feb. 2013 when the tow line broke, setting it adrift into the Atlantic without a crew or a tracking beacon. Nobody has seen it since. Maritime law allows salvage hunters to claim abandoned ships if they can hunt them down, but nobody can find the potentially rat-infested Lyubov Orlova.

One salvager reported that there are likely "a lot of rats" onboard and that they would likely be diseased and eating each other for survival.

Several reports speculate that storms could drive the Lyubov Orlova toward the English, Scottish or Irish coast. However, the BBC quotes representatives of the Irish and British coast guards as saying they have set to see any sign that the ship is heading their way.