Talk about a tough tablet. An Atlanta woman drove around all day with a fully-functioning iPad stuck in her car's bumper.

Alexa Crisa told WSB-TV she was driving at about 40 mph when the device, accidentally left on top of another car that was turning out of a local Target store, flew into her vehicle.

She hit the brakes, but continued on her way to run more errands because she didn't think she had hit anything.

Crisa's dad spotted the iPad when she returned home, asking her why she had a tablet computer sticking out of her front bumper.

"I'm not even sure how I missed it, other than I don't check my bumper for random dislodged electronics," Crisa told ABC News.

Her dad used a hammer to pry out the device, which still worked well enough for an app to flash the owner's name and phone number on the screen.

The owner got a new iPad through his Apple warranty plan, and has offered to pay for a new bumper, according to the New York Daily News.