How To Send Text Messages By Cell Phone

Text Messaging Helps Connect Users With Information

As the capabilities and number of features on cell phones and mobile devices increase, users have the ability to use their cell phones in ways that go beyond simply making phone calls.

Most digital mobile phones are capable of sending short text messages as a way to access and disseminate information.

What Is Text Messaging?

A text message can be thought of as a kind of short e-mail -- 160 characters or fewer including spaces -- that is most commonly sent to another cell phone for that person to read.

Short Message Service (SMS) is often referred to as "texting" or sending text messages and it's growing in popularity among cell phone users for its quick and simple ability to send and receive short bursts of information.

There are many different uses for text messaging. For example, people can sign up to receive various text alerts so they can be immediately notified of things like breaking news or weather and traffic information when they are on the go and not by a computer.

Text messages are also often used to interact with automated systems, such as audience voting on TV shows like "American Idol" or participating in contests.

People can also set up SMS so that e-mails sent to them are forwarded to their mobile device. That way, they can be sure not to miss any urgent e-mails when they are away from their desk.

Also, some prefer the convenience of being able to type on their phone's keypad "Let's meet at 7 p.m." and send it to a friend, rather than having to make a call and possibly get pulled into a longer conversation.

How To Text Message On A Cell Phone

The process of sending a text message will vary by phone, but there are some basic principles that apply to most mobile devices for texting.

Here is a walkthrough on how to send a text message to another person's cell phone on my older model LG cell phone, which isn't a new smart phone with handy features for texting like a full keyboard.

1. Go to phone's main "Menu" and select "Messaging" option.

2. Select "Text Messages" (some might see "Send SMS") and then select "Write message."

3. Now your ready to type your short message. Enter words by typing the corresponding letters on each numeric key on your phone's keypad. Type the key for each letter repeatedly and quickly until the letter you want appears.

4. To type a new letter, simply hit another numeric key. If the next letter that you need is located on the same key, wait a few seconds for the cursor to move.

5. To type a space, press "0." To toggle between capital letters, lowercase and numbers, hit the "#up arrow" button. To type a special character, hit the "*" button.

6. Once your message is all typed out and ready to be sent, typed, use the "options" or "menu" button. The phone will prompt you to enter a phone number or an e-mail address to send the message to and select "Send."

If you have an iPhone or BlackBerry with keys to help you type messages, you'll be able to tap out and send messages fairly quickly. For older model cell phones, as you send more text messages, you'll grow more used to typing on the keypad and you'll get faster at texting.

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