However, they said this move by Wray does not satisfy their demands, and it frustrated them that the request to fire Heimsness was kept separate from November’s shooting.

"Had they woke up this morning and said that, you'd feel like, we may have felt like, all right, maybe we have some leaders on our hands. But no," Amelia stated. "This is an attempt to save their careers and we want them out."

The couple said they want Chief Wray and his other top officers off the force as well.

"What are we supposed to do to make sure that we get confidence, that we can have confidence that everybody is on our side, that everybody is really working with the public's best interest in mind?" Nate mentioned. "We can't if this is what it takes to root out someone with this deep of a history of unprofessional, hateful, bigoted, racist, sexist, violent speech."

"You can't call aspects of a person's character into question and fire them for those aspects and how they have projected them into the workplace, and then say, and then draw a circle around 15 seconds and say, well we trusted him there," Amelia said.

Chief Wray said in his letter that he will not comment publicly on the complaint until any hearings were complete.