A man pulled out a handgun during a road rage dispute at the intersection of highways 51 and 151 Sunday, officials said.

Three vehicles were stopped at a red light around noon when a man got out of his vehicle to confront the driver in front of him, according to a release.

The man got out of his vehicle because he was upset about being cut off at the intersection when the man in the other vehicle, Aaron D. Lain, 40, pulled out a handgun and cocked it, officials said. The man ran back into his vehicle and called police.

Lain was tracked down and said he pulled out the gun because was afraid he was going to get beaten up, according to a release. Both men said they had been cut off at the intersection, which is what started the confrontation.

Lain admitted it wasn’t a good decision, officials said. The gun was confiscated because he did not have a concealed carry permit. He was cited for disorderly conduct while armed and carrying a concealed weapon.

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