A forgetful groom will spend 12 months in jail for calling in a bomb threat to his would-be wedding venue after he realized the day before the wedding he had messed up the paperwork and hadn't actually booked the hall.

Neil McArdle, 36, called St. George's Hall in Liverpool from a phone booth on the day in April his wedding was supposed to take place and said a bomb would go off in 45 minutes, according to the BBC.

The venue was evacuated, and his fiancee, Amy Williams, was left standing in the street in her wedding dress, according to The Associated Press.

McArdle was arrested the same day and said "several times how embarrassed and ashamed he was and how sorry he was," prosecutor Derek Jones told the AP.

Judge Norman Wright emphasized at the sentencing how serious the threat was and how much it frightened the venue's staff, especially since it came just 11 days after the Boston Marathon bombing, according to the AP.

Even though McArdle would have saved a lot of frustration (and jail time) by just admitting to his fiancee that he didn't book the venue instead of calling in a bomb threat, Williams is standing by her groom. At the sentencing, the Liverpool Crown Court was told the couple was still together, according to the BBC.