GOP Plans To Run Democratic Candidates In 4 Recall Races

Move Made To Guarantee Primaries Are Held

MADISON, Wis. - Officials with the state Republican Party said that they plans to run candidates in the Democratic primaries in four upcoming recall elections targeting GOP state senators.

GOP executive director Stephan Thompson said the move will guarantee that a Democratic primary has to be held. He said that ensures one clear date for the primary and a separate one for the general election, thereby limiting any scheduling control the Democratic Party might try to assert.

The Republican Party used the same tactic last year in recall elections targeting six other GOP state senators. The move gave the incumbents more time to campaign and raise money.

If there are indeed primaries in each of the upcoming races, they'll be held May 8, with the general elections on June 5.

Thompson said the fake candidates won't actively campaign.

State Senate Democratic Committee spokesman Zac Kramer said Wisconsinites are sick of "these blatant political games."

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