Basketball player impaled by gym floor revisits incident

Basketball player impaled by gym...

MAZOMANIE, Wis. - It's a video that's hard to watch once you realize what's happening. An 8th grader playing basketball slides onto the ground and is impaled by a loose floor piece. One year since that freak accident, the victim, Ashley Adler, is speaking about it.  

“I was in so much shock,” she said.

Thankfully, she said it looked worse than it really was, and said that she only had minor injuries.

“I didn’t really feel anything, they thought a lot blood would come out, but it didn’t,” Adler said.

She’s come a long way and now plays for the Wisconsin Heights varsity basketball team as a freshman.

“I just like the sport so much, I can’t quit it,” she said.

Something positive did come out of this weird story. A number of gym floors were redone, including one in Mazomanie’s grade school and Middleton’s field house.

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