A 22-month old toddler from Panama born with three legs will have surgery next month in Los Angeles to remove the two that don't work.

Ana Paula, who was born a conjoined twin, also has three kidneys. She underwent a procedure to separate her from her twin when they were 20 days old, but her sister did not survive.

Doctors at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Los Angeles will remove her middle leg in the procedure, reported Los Angeles TV station KTLA. Since the knee and foot aren't functional on her right leg, doctors plan to amputate it at the knee or higher and fit Ana with a prosthetic.

Ana's type of medical condition is so rare that there are only about 12 survivable cases like hers each year in the world, Dr. Kit Song, chief of staff for Shriners Hospitals for Children – Los Angeles, told KTLA.

Ana's trip to Los Angeles along with her mother and her treatment is being made possible through a joint effort between the hospital and the Children of War Foundation, which secured funding for her medical costs and long-term rehabilitative care.