Ginger Daly

East Elementary - Baraboo, WI

Phone number: 608-355-3920


Items needed:

*Dry erase markers (Quantity: 24)- black, blue, red, green

*Glitter (Quantity: 2 containers) - gold, silver

*Star stickers (Quantity: 1 package) - gold, silver

*Books - easy readers or picture books for classroom library

*Ziploc bags (Quantity: 24) - gallon size

*Ziploc bags (Quantity: 24) - quart size

*White lunch bags - 1 pkg. of 50 bags

*Valentine Paper Dollies

*February Stickers and books

Items Received:

Ziploc bags Quart and Gallon sizes, 2 glitters and star stickers

Ziploc bags (Quantity: 1) - gallon size and Ziploc bags (Quantity: 1) - quart size


Ginger Daly:

1 package Dry Erase Markers

1 pkg White lunch bags

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