Gadget Guy: Mole Camera

Mole Wireless Camera Rating: 3 out of 5 Price: $299

Video surveillance cameras keep an eye on everything from our morning commutes, to our trips to the grocery store, and sometimes at our places of employment.

Wouldn?t it be nice if some of that same technology was available to check in on the kids, or make sure things at home were ok while we?re away on vacation? It is!

You can do it with the Mole Wireless Surveillance Camera.

So what?s it do? Well, what can?t it do?

It?s wireless, so just hide it somewhere where there?s an outlet and as long as you have wifi in your home, you?ll be able to see and hear what?s going on. It works in both bright lighting and completely in the dark - as it uses infrared technology. And you can check in from outside your home from any web browser and even your iPhone.

Once the camera is connected to the wireless network, just log on to its website and you can see and hear what?s going on in realtime.

Not only that, but check this out. You can actually control the camera from afar!

It rotates both left and right and even up and down so you can make sure everything at home is a-ok.

It?d be great for checking in on the kids, watching what the babysitter is up to or just monitoring a specific room in general.

You can also set up motion detection and the camera will automatically record any time someone moves into or out of the designated area.

It will also take a picture and email you as well so you know that there?s been a breach and you can then log in to watch live.

In addition, you can set the camera to automatically post what it records to youtube allowing you to check the recordings anytime, anywhere.

So how does it rate?

I gave it 3 out of 5 bars of reception.

The Upsides: What I liked about it was the amazing video quality in both daylight and in the dark. The ability to pan 270 degrees was also a plus and the fact it?s wireless makes placing it around your home or business a breeze.

The Downsides: What I was a bit disappointed about was how loud it is when you are moving it. If this was supposed to be a secret eye in the sky, your cover could be blown if you?re tilting or panning. Also, you can?t just hold down the tilt or pan button but have to click your mouse repeatedly to move it. Not everything in the backend is in the most consumer-friendly format either.

The Bottom Line: All in all, if you?re looking for a wireless camera that can pan and tilt remotely and does a great job, this should definitely be on your list. If you?re not a techie, you may want to have a techie friend help you set it up.

The camera costs $299 and is available at

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