This truly may be the definition of "hazing hell."

A University of Tennessee fraternity has been suspended for pouring hot sauce on the genitals of pledges.

School officials launched an investigation into the Alpha Phi Alpha chapter after receiving a complaint from concerned parents, Knoxville TV station WBIR reported.

Ten students denied the hazing, although two later admitted to it.

The fraternity wasn't even supposed to be admitting any more members, but a dozen students were in the process of pledging, according to WBIR.

The frat's registration was suspended until August 2016.

America's most out-of-control frats

Published On: Aug 30 2013 11:03:52 AM CDT   Updated On: Jan 06 2014 01:34:23 PM CST

"Animal House" has nothing on these fraternities, among the most out-of-control in America.

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America's fraternities are in trouble. Nearly 60 students have died in incidents involving frats since 2005, including 12 last year -- the most fatalities in at least a decade, according to Rolling Stone, which looked at 10 of the most out-of-control fraternities in America: