A Lodi man was sentenced Monday to four years in prison for conspiring to possess and distribute heroin, according to a Wisconsin Department of Justice release.

Anthony Carriola, 30, was previously sentenced on July 23, 2012, to a 144-month prison term for committing two armed pharmacy robberies, according to the release. Carriola was serving his term at the Federal Correctional Institution in Pekin, Ill., when he entered into a conspiracy with a fellow inmate to possess and distribute heroin.

Carriola worked with Martin Corona-Valenzuela, 50, a citizen of Mexico, who had some of his family members obtain heroin, according to the release. Corona-Valenzuela then had his co-defendant Alexander Villafranco, of Madison, take the heroin and sell it.

Villafranco was supposed to send the proceeds of the heroin sales to an address in Mexico, as well as to Carriola in the correctional institution.

Carriola and Corona-Valenzuela used the phones at the institution to make the arrangements, according to the release. As inmates, they were warned that all telephone calls are recorded and monitored, but they ignored the warnings.

Approximately 65 grams of black tar heroin were shipped to Villafranco in Madison, but before he could sell it, the staff at the institution contacted Dane County officials, according to the release. Task force members seized the heroin from Villafranco’s apartment on Feb. 6, 2013.

Villafranco’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. 7 and Corona-Valenzuela’s sentencing is Nov. 12.