Feingold Says He Feels Pressure But Won't Run For Governor

Former Senator Will Not Run If There's A Recall Election

MADISON, Wis. - Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold said Monday he feels pressure to run for governor, but will not put his name on a ballot if there is a recall election against Gov. Scott Walker.

"I wanna help," Feingold said. "I don't want to be leading the charge on this particular issue. I think we have people like Kathleen Falk, potentially people like Tom Barrett, who actually have executive experience who can walk into the governor's mansion, the governor's office the next day, and be ready to go because they have that kind of experience. I think they fit the bill."

Feingold said while teaching in California, he was even asked about a possible candidacy, but he said he isn't interested.

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