No arrests have been made three weeks after the death of a 35-year-old Sun Prairie man, and now that man's family is demanding answers.

Cedric Powe's oldest sisters said the family doesn’t believe his death was intentional, but someone should be held accountable.

"We just buried him on Saturday and it's the hardest thing to wrap our minds around, because he is gone. A senseless act of violence and he is gone and we have no answers," said Reschalle Peoples, Powe's sister.

Sun Prairie police were called to the 1200 block of Sunfield Street on Sept. 2 on reports of a man bleeding. Court documents show Powe's former girlfriend's son called police after finding him bleeding on the kitchen floor, surrounded by glass from a broken table.

The boy heard Powe tell his mom, "Look what you have done."

"(When) two people who were there and present together and get into an altercation and one person ends up dead, somebody is responsible," Peoples said.

Police say the woman's story changed multiple times, including a claim that Powe had choked her. When investigators interviewed her again, she denied that ever happened.

While calling 911, the son heard his mother say, "That's what you get" and kick the victim while he was bleeding on the floor, according to documents.

"You kick him while he is down. You don't help him, but you kick him while he's down," Powe's sister Angela LaFrance said.

The woman told investigators the two had been arguing and drinking and she lost consciousness. She believes Powe hit her in the head but said she doesn't know how he cut his arm.

Police also interviewed a neighbor who witnessed the aftermath from his window. He told investigators he saw a woman lying on the kitchen floor and a man. The neighbor said he heard the man saying, "My arm is bleeding. Look what you did to my arm."

"If she was not a party to his death, then she didn't do anything to save his life, that is one thing that we know," LaFrance said.

Police executed a search warrant and confiscated marijuana knives, cocaine and prescription drugs from the home and car.

Sun Prairie police say this is still an active investigation. Investigators hope they will be able to determine if a crime was committed within the next month