More than 2,400 students apply for vouchers

Majority of applicants do not already attend private school

MADISON, Wis. - More than 2,400 students have applied to receive a taxpayer-funded voucher to attend private school and the majority of them do not currently attend a private school.

The state Department of Public Instruction released the data Thursday. There were 48 private schools or school systems that applied to be in the program, but only 25 of them with the most applicants will be allowed in. That is because more than 500 students applied. There is a cap of 500 students this coming school year for new schools in the program.

In those 25 schools, there were 2,069 student applications. Of those, all but 503 did not attend a public school last year.

A random lottery to determine which students fill the 500 slots will be done by DPI next week.

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