Foundation for Madison's Public Schools is one of community's most important assets

Foundation for Madison's Public...

The Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools has in 16 short years become one of this community’s most important assets, creating endowment funds for each of the 50 schools in the district and awarding more than $1.5 million in grants for school projects that enrich the education of kids but would not be funded through the core school budget.

The success is a testament to the trust the Madison School District has built and to the generosity of citizens, and nowhere is that more apparent than at the annual Circle of Friends luncheon.

It is simply one of the best, inspirational and hopeful events of its kind each year.

On Tuesday, Superintendent Jen Cheatham, Chamber of Commerce President Zach Brandon and Madison Community Foundation President Bob Sorge shared the stage in a real-life demonstration of schools, businesses and community working together. That and a roomful of people caring about schools and our kids, and it’s hard not to be excited about our future.

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