All Madison schools made passing grades in new, more stringent report cards released by the state Department of Public Instruction.

Most Wisconsin schools meet or exceed expectations in the testing.

The report cards of more than 2,100 public schools released Monday assign scores of between 0 and 100 based on student achievement, student growth in reading and math, graduation rates and closing of achievement gaps between different groups of students.

More than 85 percent of schools meet or exceed expectations.

Only 76 schools failed to meet expectations, the lowest possible ranking.

In Madison,the three elementary schools with the highest ratings were Lapham, Franklin, Marquette. 

Madison middle schools with the highest scores were Hamilton, O’Keefe and Spring Harbor.  Middle schools with the lowest scores were Blackhawk, James Wright and Sherman.

Lindbergh, Hawthorne and Sandburg elementary schools had the lowest ratings.

Madison East and LaFollette high schools were the two lowest ranked high schools in Madison. Madison Memorial was got the highest score of the high schools.

Madison East was the worst among all schools in the district with a score of 55 out of 100.

No Madison school failed to meet state expectations, something the Madison Metropolitan School District said it's proud of.

"We feel really good about all of our schools," said MMSD Interim Superintendent Jane Belmore. "The high performing schools will definitely be places where we can see what we can learn, and if there are things we can learn from those schools to do from other schools."

Parent Gina Richardson has a 6-year-old son who attends Sandburg Elementary School. Although Sandburg Elementary fell near the bottom of Madison's scores, Richardson said the report card may be overlooking important factors.

"Sandburg is about 47 percent (students who speak English as a second language), and the test is only given in English. So the fact that we scored really low is really non-relevant because almost half of our students don't speak English as a first language," Richardson said.

"It's bigger than one measure. So there are a lot of measures in there, and it's important for us to look at those measures with a different lens for each school," Belmore said.

In Rock County, most of the Janesville School District schools are "meeting expectations," meaning they scored between a 63 and 72 percent.

According to the reports, the worst school ranking was at Wilson Elementary School with a 61.8 percent, meaning it "meets few expectations."

And the best school in the district, Kennedy Elementary School, received a ranking of 86.3 percent meaning it "significantly exceeds expectations."

In the Beloit School District, officials said the district's seven schools are meeting or exceeding expectations.

Merrill Elementary School had the lowest score in the district with a ranking of 56.4 percent, meaning it "meets few expectations."

Beloit Memorial High School received only 58.5 percent.

Morgan Elementary School had the highest score with 81.3 percent, giving the school an "exceeds expectations" rating.

Gov. Scott Walker praised the news but said too many schools are failing.

State Superintendent Tony Evers said the new report cards are designed to be a better and more comprehensive way to measure the effectiveness of schools in preparing students for college or work.