A mug shot of a good-looking felon is sweeping social media, attracting more than 56,000 likes and drawing comments from people who appear to find him attractive, despite his criminal history.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, faces five weapons charges and one gang charge, according to Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department in California.

According to The Associated Press, upon his arrest, the department posted his mug shot to their Facebook page, which they have done with several other mug shots since they created the page back in March 2012. The response was overwhelming.

Many of the commenters refer to Meeks as being "hot," "handsome" or "dreamy."

"He is one gorgeous man," said one woman.

"A life wasted. Boy you could've been on someone's magazine, in someone's movie. Guess some folks don't know how to use their talents," wrote another commenter.

Silva called Meeks "one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area," though he declined to provide any details on the crimes that Meeks is believed to have been involved in.

Meeks is being held in lieu of $900,000 bail.