Donna's Halloween Treat Ideas

Here's a list of assorted ghoulish delights:

Popcorn HandsPlace a piece of gummy worm or candy corn in the fingers and thumb tips of a clear plastic glove. Stuff with popcorn and secure the top with a rubber band.

Bagel With Hanging TonguePlace a piece of roasted red pepper on the bagel to form a mouth. Stuff the hole of the bagel with a piece of ham or bologna. Cut it in a size that hangs out in the shape of a tongue.

Smiley Egg EyesCut a hard boiled egg in half. Make a smiley face with raisins for eyes and a piece of roasted red pepper for the mouth.

Worms On A BunCut a hot dog in long very thin slices. Score each slice every 3 inches. Place slices on a plate in the microwave. Heat until the hot dog pieces curl. Place on a bun with catsup or mustard.

Strawberry Happy FacePlace 2 pine nuts in a strawberry for eyes. Use a curved piece of pretzel for the smile. Attach the pretzel to the strawberry with a small amount of peanut butter.

Spider CrackersSpread peanut butter or soft cheese on a round cracker. Place pieces of pretzel on the filling. Top with another cracker. Add raisins for eyes.

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