Donna's Chocolate Covered Almonds

What could be better than a little chocolate treat? Easy to make and easy to eat!

1 cup chocolate chips 1 tablespoon butter or shortening* 2 cups (9 ounces) roasted almonds or other nuts

Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. In a small non-stick skillet, melt chocolate chips and butter over the very lowest heat. Stir to blend. Remove from heat. Add almonds and stir until all nuts are coated with chocolate. Using 2 teaspoons, remove a cluster of 3 almonds. Place on pan covered with parchment paper. Continue to make clusters of nuts. Refrigerate until firm. Place nut clusters on a plate, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Note: Dried apricots are wonderful when dipped into the melted chocolate.

*It is important to melt the chocolate with only butter or shortening. Using margarine may prevent the chocolate from melting because of the small amount of water that is in most margarine. Any water added to chocolate as it melts will ruin the chocolate.

Makes 100 pieces

Nutritional Information per piece:

Calories: 25 Fat, gm.: 2 Protein, gm.: 0.5 Carbs, gm.: 2 Cholesterol, mg.: 0 Fiber, gm.: 0.5

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