DOJ: Woman sentenced for thefts from travel agency

Agency closed, left 200 customers with paid vacations they couldn’t take

Published On: Jul 29 2013 04:11:44 PM CDT

Deborah Paul has been sentenced for felony counts of theft related to the Carol’s Tours business that closed, according to a release.

Paul previously entered pleas to two felony counts of theft when the business closed with more than 200 customers having paid for travel that they were not able to take, according to a release.

One count was related to travel and the other was related to trip interruption insurance where the defendant did not send the premiums to the insurance carrier, according to a release.

Paul was sentenced to 63 months of incarceration on the second count of the information, with those 63 months broken down into 27 months of initial confinement and 36 months of extended supervision, according to the release.

On count one, the defendant had sentence withheld and was placed on probation for seven years consecutive to the prison sentence, according to the release.

Officials said conditions of extended supervision and probation include payment of $191,166 in restitution, that she not be self-employed and that she not be employed handling money without her agent’s approval.

Paul must also submit a DNA sample and have no contact with any of her victims or with Lisa Hopper, according to the release.