Cab companies like Lyft and Uber are adding a whole new layer to Madison’s transportation options, and a whole lot of controversy.

The companies’ arrival is spurring a debate between traditional cab services and unregulated services that use apps to connect riders to nearby drivers.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin met with the city’s cab companies Monday, and Alderman Scott Resnick is preparing a new ordinance to deal with Uber and Lyft.

Tuesday, they spoke out over how the city will handle Madison’s newest cab services.

“Uber and Lyft came into Madison. They said, ‘We don’t need your stinking regulations.’ They just violated our ordinance, they said they were exempt,” Soglin said.

“If we try to treat it just like a taxi cab, an existing taxi cab service, we’ve identified at least 11 areas where this is conflict in the existing law,” Resnick said.

Opponents also said unregulated cab companies can lead to problems like discrimination, but those embracing the new service said it offers competitively priced rates at the touch of a button.