In Rock County, dozens gathered to remember a lost family dog and to change attitudes about a misunderstood canine breed.

Back in July, Maria Ochs’s neighbor shot her dogs Pepper and Kota after they jumped into his yard and scared him.

One of the dogs was killed, and this weekend Ochs honored that beloved pet by bringing together other pit bull owners to Bobbleheads Sports Bar & Grill in Janesville.

She says the event was about trying to move on and also to help people understand a breed often erroneously deemed dangerous.

"The support for these dogs, this doesn't even touch it. So what people need to know is the next time you see one of these dogs, just give them a chance."

Ochs now works as a trainer for rescued pit bulls.

No charges were filed in the July incident.

Police ruled that Ochs's neighbor acted in self-defense.