According to a report, United States Attorney John W. Vaudreuil said a Madison man was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for heroin possession.

Darrion Brown, 22, of Madison, was sentenced Thursday for an incident in November 2012 in which he took a drug user's car as collateral and was taken into custody with multiple bags of heroin and a loaded gun.

Vaudreuil's office said Brown had taken a car from a drug customer as collateral for a drug debt. The wife of the drug customer called Brown and said she had his money if he would meet her at a nearby restaurant parking lot. She then called  Madison police, who agreed to offer assistance in recovering the car.

When Brown arrived with the car police officers approached him and he presented false identification. He attempted to run but was apprehended.

Police found 19 individually bundled packets of heroin in Brown's pocket, as well as $860 in cash. Before returning the car to the rightful owner, police searched it for any dangerous items or other articles belonging to Brown, and found a digital scale and a loaded handgun.

According to a news release from the Department of Justice, Judge Barbara B. Crabb found it probable that the gun found in the car was in connection with the heroin possession charge, which increased Brown's advisory sentence under the federal guidelines.

Crabb also noted Brown's criminal history and drug use. The sentence of 21 months in prison was the maximum sentence recommended under the federal sentencing guidelines.

Brown had previously pleaded guilty in state court to a reckless endangerment charge for a May 19, 2012, incident on University Avenue in Madison, in which Brown shot a woman in the back and a man in the shoulder, according to the DOJ. Brown was out on bail and failed to appear for a Sept. 9, 2013, sentencing in the incident, when he committed additional criminal acts.

Crabb said the sentence could be served at the same time as his state sentence, but left the state court free to impose a sentence in the shooting case that would be served in addition to time imposed in the federal drug case.