Dane County purchases lot adjacent to landfill

Site will be location for new garage and medical examiner's facility

MADISON,Wis. - Dane County has purchased a lot adjacent to the Dane County Landfill. The 22-acre lot along County Highway 12 is marked as a new site for a county garage and medical examiner's facility.

County officials hope to connect the buildings to an existing power source generated by the landfill's methane output. By powering electrical generators with methane gas, the county earns roughly $3 million per year selling electricity to energy companies.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi stated support to include more vehicles powered by compressed natural gas in future fleet purchases.

"Then we're able to take advantage of all of those resources that are really there for the taking," said Parisi.

A current estimate suggests the current methane resource at the Dane County Landfill is sufficient to power 4,500 homes.

Dane County purchases lot adjacent to landfill

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