Crystal Williams

Parkview Jr. and Sr. High School - Orfordville, WI

Phone number: (608)879-2994 ext 5151


Parkview High School's Math Department is in desperate need of classroom calculators. Wisconsin's State Standards for Mathematics expects our students to be able to use scientific and graphing calculators to solve and analyze problems. The WKCE state test also expects students to be familiar with scientific/graphing calculators and has problems on there standardized tests that involve calculator use. Furthermore, there are activities, units, and specific problems in our curriculum that can only be done with the use of calculators. Our math budget does not allow for us to make calculator purchases so we have asked for "technology" funding so we can make these necessary purchases. Our calculator requests have been denied the last 4 years due to Parkview's budget constraints. I am now trying to reach out to community businesses to help us purchase these calculators. These prices and model numbers come from D&H Education's catalog (1-800-340-1006 or, which are the lowest prices I have found. Shipping will be free!!! We are looking at a cost of about $3000, but we truly believe this will be money well spent.

Items Needed and Cost:

TI-30XIIS Class Bundle
Price1 @ $453.29
TI-30XIIS Teacher Kit
Price 1 @ $113.99

TI-84 Viewscreen Pack
Price 1 @ $324.99

TI-84 Plus School Pack
2 @ $1059.99
TOTAL COST $3012.25

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