Barricaded man surrenders after SWAT team uses gas, officials say

27-year-old accused of choking, false imprisonment

Barricaded man surrenders after SWAT...

MILTON, Wis. - A man and a woman have surrendered during a standoff in Rock County Thursday, officials said. 

Sheriff Robert Spoden said deputies responded to a report of a domestic incident at a home in rural Milton on County Road M Thursday morning. A woman, who told officials she left the home, said a man and woman were still inside. She said there had been a fight and that she had been threatened with a handgun. She also said that several rounds had been fired inside the home.

During the investigation, the Rock County Sheriff's Office said they learned the people in the home might be involved in the armed robbery at a Janesville gas station earlier in the morning

Officials shut off gas to the home at 10:56 a.m., and about nine minutes later, 22-year-old  Rache T. Boyd, of Madison, came out of the home and surrendered, the sheriff's office said.

The woman told police that the man inside, 27-year-old Eric B. Fenne, who lives at the home, was armed and that he said he didn't plan to surrender. 

"He was very dedicated to not going back to prison, which put us, honestly, on edge because we thought we had somebody in there who was not going to cooperate," Spoden said.

Officials said Fenne had told Boyd to surrender.

"I think he was concerned for her safety, so he was the one who had instructed her to leave the residence," Spoden said.

Police said they tried to make contact with Fenne, including tossing a phone into the home through a front window. The SWAT team then launched CS gas into the basement, and at 12:46 p.m., Fenne came out the back door and was taken into custody, officials said. 

"These are situations which can escalate and really bad things can happen," Spoden said. "So for us to be able to bring everybody out safely, including the suspects, so that none of our officers are put in harm's way, none of the community is put in harm's way, it is a very good day for the sheriff's office, and it's a good day for the citizens of Rock County."

The sheriff's office said Boyd admitted to being involved in the Stop N Go robbery. 

The sheriff's office said Boyd is facing charges of endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

Fenne is tentatively charged with domestic violence strangulation, domestic violence false imprisonment, failure to comply with police to place in custody, being a felon in possession of a firearm. He's also arrested on a probation hold. 

Officials are continuing to investigate, as Fenne and Boyd are suspects in the Stop N Go robbery and a shooting in Madison Wednesday night, according to a news release.

The sheriff's office obtained a search warrant, and investigators were searching the home Thursday afternoon, according to a release. 

Boyd and Fenne are being held in the Rock County Jail and are scheduled for court at 3 pm. Monday, the sheriff said.

Rock County Sheriff Capt. Jude Maurer said law enforcement have been outside a residence on County Road M near Newville Road since 6:45 a.m. Thursday. 

About a one-mile stretch of County M -- between Newville and Kennedy roads -- was closed for several hours Thursday while the SWAT team was outside the home, Spoden said.



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