Report of gunshots in an apartment parking lot

MADISON, Wis. - Madison police said they recovered a handgun from a car with a bullet hole that may be connected to a report of gunshots heard in the parking lot of an apartment building.

Officers said several witnesses reported hearing gunshots in a parking lot at 2300 Monterey Drive for an apartment building around 6:22 p.m. Tuesday. Witnesses reported seeing one person who may have been injured get into a silver vehicle.

A K-9 track ended close to the scene.

A short time later, a vehicle with a bullet hole in its side arrived near the scene. Officers found a loaded .40 caliber handgun with an extended magazine inside the car. At this time, it is unclear if the vehicle, occupants, or recovered handgun are related to the investigation.

Officers detained the people in the vehicle as part of the investigation. They also recovered the handgun.

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