Deputies find stolen items from numerous counties, 2 arrested

Numerous search warrants carried out

JUNEAU, Wis. - The Dodge County Sheriff's Department arrested a Dodge County man and woman after finding hundreds of stolen items from numerous burglaries while carrying out search warrants Tuesday, officials said.

Detective Mike Reissmann said numerous items are tied to burglaries in Dodge County and surrounding counties.

Warrants were executed in Marshall, Clyman, Reeseville and a consent search was carried out in Waterloo, according to the sheriff's department.

Stolen items include furniture, tools, cosmetics, jewelry and other household items, according to the sheriff.

Sheriff Todd Nehls said they're seeking others who might be involved in the crimes.

The burglaries could date back to as long as two years ago, but they believe most items were stolen in the last 90 to 100 days, according to Nehls.

Nehls said he called the thieves the hairspray bandits because hairspray and other personal hygiene items were taken, along with more valuable items.

Deputies find stolen items from numerous counties, 2 arrested

He said the investigator's jobs could be made easier if people would mark their personal belongings.

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