Couple duped out of $12,000

Man pretending to be grandson convinces couple he needs financial help

MADISON, Wis. - Couple duped out of $12,000

A Madison couple was duped out of $12,000 when a scam artist convinced them they were helping their grandson stay out of prison, according to police.

The north side couple, in their late 80s, told police they received a call from someone pretending to be their grandson and someone claiming to be his lawyer, who told them the grandson injured someone in a hit-and-run crash while he was intoxicated.

The man claiming to be the attorney called himself David Hunter and persuaded the couple to send $7,000 to a Philadelphia address for their grandson's bond. He later talked them into sending another $5,000 to a Gardena, Calif., address to help settle the case.

The couple found the story was not true when they contacted their grandson's father.

The fake attorney provided the following phone numbers to the victims: 888-458-7541 and 888-421-0613.

"The people who are calling are very convincing, they're very good liars and they're preying on a very vulnerable population," said Joel Despain, Madison police spokesman. "I even told my own mother, if you get a call from someone claiming to be a relative, before you send any money or even think of sending any money, call your son or daughter, call your grandchild and make sure this is legit."

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