Additional details released in east side home invasion

Judge enters not guilty plea for 4 suspects, 2 other suspects ask for more time

MADISON, Wis. - Additional details have been added to a criminal complaint from an interview with one of the suspects allegedly involved in what police call a "violent home invasion."

The six people who were allegedly involved in the home invasion on Madison's east side at the end of February were in court Wednesday.

Four of the suspects, Eric Bass, 23, Michon Thomas, 22, Efemia Neumaier, 21, and DeAndrae Mayweathers, 23, were bound over for trial, and a judge entered a not guilty plea for them. But two of the suspects, Demarco Mallit, 22, and Kristopher Hughes, 20, asked the judge for more time after learning that new evidence was added to the criminal complaint. Mallit and Hughes will be back in court next week.

The incident, in which a pregnant woman was sexually assaulted, happened on Quincy Avenue around 4 a.m. on Feb. 23, according to a release. Police have not released the exact location in order to protect the 30-year-old man and woman who were attacked, officials said.

Bass, Hughes and Thomas broke into the home looking for money and attacked the couple, according to a criminal complaint. The 30-year-old man was pistol-whipped and beaten, while his wife was made to perform sexual acts.

The victims had guns pointed at their head and heard the robbers say "someone is gonna die tonight," according to the criminal complaint. During the robbery, the men took electronics, credit and debit cards and jewelry.

The three men were initially planning on robbing a man who Neumaier was staying with, but accidentally broke into the home of the victims, according to the complaint. Neumaier planned the robbery with Thomas, saying the man she was staying with would have a lot of cash the night of the robbery.

After the robbery, Mallit and Hughes attempted to conceal property taken during the robbery, and were caught on surveillance cameras, according to the complaint. Mayweathers drove Bass, Hughes and Thomas to the home, and then transported some of the stolen property after the robbery.

The additional 18 pages that were added to the criminal complaint Wednesday includ a detailed account of the robbery and the time before and after the robbery from Mayweathers.

Mayweathers said he knew Mallit through Operation Fresh Start, and that Mallit had nothing to do with the robbery or the planning of the robbery, according to the criminal complaint. Mayweathers also said Thomas offered to pay him gas money to drive them to a home.

According to the criminal complaint, Mayweathers told Thomas to "stop what you are doing" when he saw what he was doing with the female victim.

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