A Japanese family's first night in the United States ended with a high-speed police chase in Utah.

The pursuit began at 1 a.m. Saturday on Interstate 15 near the Utah-Arizona border, The Associated Press reported.

A trooper spotted the family's rental car going just 37 mph and swerving between lanes, so he flipped on his lights and attempted to pull them over.

But instead of pulling over, the driver sped up to 75 mph and began driving erratically.

Troopers were able to stop the car with tire spikes 7 miles later. They pulled the parents out of the car at gunpoint as their confused son huddled in the backseat, the St. George News reported.

Through a translator, the woman told troopers she had no idea what to do when she saw the flashing lights and was trying to get out of the way.

Authorities do not plan to pursue charges.

Patrolmen took the family to a motel and wished them safe travels.