With flurries and colder temperatures on the horizon, the last thing anyone wants is a broken furnace. News 3 followed a technician helping people get their furnaces running properly for winter weather.

As temperatures continue to drop, Trevor Sullivan will make 10 to 12 stops almost every day.

"I could tell it was leaking on the floor, but I couldn't tell where the water was coming from," homeowner Tom Mullranian said.

Twenty-four Hour Home Comfort services installed Mullranian's furnace a few years ago, but during a routine maintenance visit Sullivan discovered a small problem.

"There was a piece that had cracked inside the furnace that's supposed to hold the water. And it wasn't holding the water anymore. And it drained down inside the furnace and could have caused problems, and it would have cause problems had he not called and had that maintenance visit done,” Sullivan said.

He said during a yearly maintenance check the technician will check the thermostat and carbon monoxide levels in the home.

Technicians are also checking the safety features of the furnace to ensure if something goes wrong the furnace will automatically shut down.

Sullivan said it pays to be proactive.

"Check your air filter. That's the simplest, easiest thing for a homeowner to do, make sure if there's snow on the ground - there isn't right now - but make sure the venting is clear and there's no snow near the venting,” Sullivan said.

It took a couple of weeks for Mullranian to get an appointment, but the Beloit homeowner is glad he scheduled a checkup. He knows how cold Wisconsin can get better than most.

"I was a letter carrier for 34 years and I was outside all day, so I know it's cold out there. I liked getting home where it was warm,” Mullranian said.

If you haven't turned your furnace on yet, Sullivan said pay close attention to how it sounds. If you hear something unseal or a rattling sound, he suggests shutting it off to make sure you aren't causing further damage by running it.

He said a routine check will run you about $100, which is a small price to pay to help avoid costly problems in the future.