Domestic violence charges against the man who became famous after he got caught under a rock while hiking and had to cut off his own arm to free himself have been dropped, according to CBS News and Fox News.

Aron Lee Ralston, the subject of the 2010 movie "127 Hours," was arrested in Denver and booked into jail on Saturday. Police had charged the 38-year-old with assault and "wrongs to minors."

The case against Ralston was dropped at the request of the city attorney, a court spokeswoman told CBS.

In 2003, Ralston's story of survival made him famous.

While he was rock climbing in a canyon in Utah, a rock fell on his arm. He was trapped for five days before he was able to use a small, dull blade to amputate his right arm and escape.

He later recounted the story in a book, which was adapted into a movie starring James Franco as Ralston.