Madison’s City Council unanimously passed an ordinance banning alcohol consumption at two city parks Tuesday evening.

The ordinance, sponsored by Ald. David Ahrens, District 15, and Ald. Joe Clausius, District 17, would prohibit public drinking at both Mayfair and Sherry Parks. Ahrens said the measure is part of an ongoing effort to ensure families can enjoy the public spaces without unwanted disruptions.

“There have been many complaints from neighbors that the parks have become a gathering place for individuals who were chronically drunk, who were spending their days and their evenings there drinking and making it really unusable for other park users, and parks really have to be for everybody,” Ahrens said.

About 20 parks out of more than 260 across Madison currently have a drinking ban in place, though Ahrens said that isn’t a blanket ban.

“This doesn’t meant that no one can ever drink in a city park,” Ahrens said. “But this really does limit the kind of drunkenness that’s been going on up to now in a few places.”

People looking to host events like receptions or family reunions at city parks can apply for a permit to have alcohol on the grounds through Madison’s Parks Division.