A Madison man took the stand in his own defense Wednesday after not testifying during his first trial.

Chad Chritton told jurors that his daughter, a teenage girl known as SLC, had issues that he couldn't handle as a parent, but that he didn't torture or abuse the girl.

Chritton took the stand Wednesday afternoon in the case where he faces felony charges of false imprisonment and child abuse. Chritton told jurors that he moved his daughter's room to the basement and installed an alarm system on the advice of a therapist and got emotional when asked whether he noticed that her weight had dropped to just 68 pounds.

He also said he has suffered from what he called learning and comprehension challenges all his life.

"Ever since her emergency room visit it's a question I've been asking myself," said Chritton. "I'm her father, I should have known. I should have seen it."

Chritton told jurors that he was only denying his daughter access to sweets but often she wouldn't eat food on her own. He became angry with prosecutors who pressed him on what he was doing to care for the girl.

"She was beyond our care," Chritton told the jury, saying he'd told the county that in 2008.

"What did they do?" he said.

"What did you do?" the prosecutor said.

"What did Dane County do other than let us fail?" Chritton said. "I told them I couldn't handle it and they let us fail."

Chritton's testimony is expected to be done Wednesday evening, with the jury likely getting the case by the end of the week.