Poor weather and a large volume of packages are being blamed for late deliveries of Christmas gifts by UPS and FedEx. Neither company would say how many packages were delayed this year.

“I actually bought a gift card for my aunt and I purchased it online because it has said there was a guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve,” Madison resident Juline Kleinheinz said.

Kleinheinz received an email confirmation the package was in transit and was on schedule for delivery by 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 24. When she started tracking the package, however she found that at 6:59 p.m. Dec. 24 the package was still 450 miles away in Louisville, Ky.

“I thought for sure I was good to go, even left my aunt’s package unwrapped because I was going to stick the gift card in. So I actually had to slide in a piece of paper that said one is coming,” Kleinheinz said.

The package eventually arrived on Thursday afternoon.

John Dryburgh is a UPS store franchise owner in Madison. He said a handful of his customers called to say their packages had not been delivered on time.

“I think it is probably a perfect storm. You had a huge volume of increase coming in from online purchases, you had bad weather in a number of different sites, which back up things and frankly I think you had a carrier that didn’t realize it was all happening in the last couple, three days,” Dryburgh said.

He believes UPS will work to make things right for customers.

“I think if there are packages out there that have not been delivered that should have been UPS will move mountains to make sure that happens. They will get them delivered and I think you’ll see UPS step up and say, 'I’m sorry it happened and we will refund you your shipping costs,'” Dryburgh said.