Chief Says Investigation Continues In Child Abuse Case

Wray Said Fund Is Being Established

MADISON, Wis. - Madison Police Chief Noble Wray said that authorities are continuing to look into the case of a Madison teen who was allegedly starved and tortured by members of her family.

Wray released a statement on Friday afternoon recounting the allegations

The girl's father, stepmother and stepbrother are accused of abusing her over the course of several years. The three were formally charged on multiple counts in Dane County court on Thursday. The charges against the parents include child abuse and neglect while the stepbrother is charged with sexual assaulting a child.

While noting the girl's family members were innocent until proven guilty, "the accusations leveled against them have created great anguish, particularly in the neighborhood where the victim lived."

He said that the victim is being cared for and efforts are underway to help her further.

"I want to assure everyone that the victim is being well cared for, and is getting the medical help she needs," he said in the statement.

Wray said that efforts have begun to create a fund for the girl, but "some legal hurdles" need to be addressed for this to be accomplished. He said that more information on this will be released when a fund has been created.

In his statement, he commended the neighbor who saw the girl on Feb. 6 as she was wandering the area near her home without adequate clothing. He also recommended that others to speak out if they see others who they suspect are being abused.

Meanwhile, the girl's father, stepmother and stepbrother all remain in jail on cash bail ranging from $22,500 to $30,000.

Randy Craft of the state public defender's office said the stepbrother has qualified for a public defender. Craft says the office is still verifying whether the father and stepmother also qualify for an attorney at public expense.

Preliminary hearings for all three are set for Thursday.

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