Cheryl Dahler

Glenn Stephens Elementary-Madison, WI

Phone Number: (608)204-1900

Items Needed:

Rock collection kit for our Science Center (with examples of

metamporphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks)

Gift certificate to The Learning Shop (on Gammon Road).

Velcro (two-sided tape rolls)

Washable ink stamp pads (various colors)

Tempera Paints (washable, in various colors)

Assorted miscellaneous stickers (of animals, food, flowers, etc.)

Wide (2-3") colored masking tape (red, blue, etc.)

Construction paper (Assorted colors; any size)

Fun novelty notepads (to be used as covers for little books in

classroom writing center)

Children's dramatic play dress-up clothes/costumes.

Large glue sticks.

Teacher puppets (of animals, insects, or book characters)

Multi-cultural skin color crayons.

Counting manipulatives for math.

Any kind of age-appropriate math game for K or 1st grade (board games,

card games, etc.).

Popular children's books for classroom library, including themes on: friendship;

diversity; seasons; celebrations; insects; space; rocks; plants; animals; rhymes;

family; pond life; woods; leaves; life cycles; farm; poetry; etc.

Cordless (space-saver)carpet sweeper.

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